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How to fix computer lag when playing games?

Your computer lags while playing a game, and you are intended to settle this issue. The insufficient power supply could be a reason behind this issue. Well, this is not the only reason behind the issue you are facing. We have come with the key reasons along with some of the most preferable solutions. Here we go with the top 10 reasons behind the computer lag.

What are the key reasons behind the PC lagging?

  1. You have corrupted RAM
  2. You have insufficient RAM
  3. CPU is performing poorly
  4. Graphics card is old
  5. Windows is running on HDD
  6. Corrupted or damaged Hard Drive
  7. The Internet has a connection issue
  8. Your computer is infected with the virus
  9. The operating system is not upgraded
  10. Driver is outdated

Are you using an old graphics card?

The graphics card is one of the key elements behind the gaming experience. Calculating in-game physics and 3D graphics rendering are done on the graphics card. The graphics card issue is one of the most prevalent issues behind the computer lag problem. So, computer tech support professionals suggest for upgrading if you are playing the game on a low-level graphics card.

Are you using a corrupted or insufficient RAM?

Do you have a broken RAM? Your computer will be restarted randomly if you are using a corrupted, broken, or insufficient RAM. Under such circumstance, the system memory will not be able to handle the gaming process. As a result, the computer will lag. So, the RAM replacement could be a fine way to deal with the concerned issue.

Are you running Windows on HDD?

The loading time is determined by the speed of your hard drive. If you are facing this situation, no need to reinstall the operating system. Instead, you should upgrade HDD to SSD with professional hard drive cloning software. To finish disk upgrade and system migration, you may take the benefit of MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition. Additionally, you can take assistance from online computer tech support professionals.

 Are you using a corrupted or damaged Hard Drive?  

Whether you are using Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, you will not be able to play games if the hard drive is corrupted or damaged. Check your HDD to see whether the lagging and freezing issue is caused by the hard drive. You can do this by opening the command prompt and writing chkdsk.exe in it. We suggest to type the commands one by one: chkdsk x: /f or chkdsk x: r/ (x means the drive letter you want to check). However, the partition manager - MiniTool Partition Wizard can help you in this regard. Remember, this tool is unable to settle your issue.

Know everything about Lufthansa Airlines business class flights

The largest German airline, Lufthansa Airlines is the largest airline around Europe in terms of fleet size. With a fleet size of 284, the airline covers its operation in 220 destinations around the world. The primary hub of the airline is Frankfurt Airport and the secondary airport is Munich Airport from where the airline serves its operation in different countries with world-class services and features.

Besides, the airline offers a simple process of Lufthansa airlines reservations and one can book flights without any difficulty. If we talk about the Lufthansa Airlines business class then it provides top of the line features to its travelers. And before going further you should take a look at what amenities you will get on a business class flight of Lufthansa Airlines.

Striking features of Lufthansa airlines business class

Priority check-in

As you make Lufthansa reservations with business class, you will get a priority in the check-in and you would not have to wait in a long queue.

More baggage

With Lufthansa Airlines business class flight booking, you are allowed to carry more baggage than other flight classes of Lufthansa airlines.

Onboard entertainment

Flying above the clouds and watching your favorite movie or TV series even sports matches, isn't it fascinating? Actually allot. Hence to facilitate with this service Lufthansa Airlines offers unlimited onboard entertainment so that the long haul travel won't bother you in any way.

Lounge services

In addition, the business class passengers of Lufthansa Airlines gets many lounges at the international airport where a passenger can relax freshen up or work with a relaxing environment.

Priority boarding

Moreover, while boarding the aircraft the business class passengers get an advantage of Priority Boarding. This also makes your travel more convenient and enjoyable.

More personal space

Besides, you will have a comfortable seating with more personal space making your travel more luxurious and relaxing.

Finest dining

Above all, Lufthansa Airlines takes care of your tummy by providing a number of delicious dishes and drinks onboard. So it means it covers all the essential things when passengers travel with Lufthansa Airlines.

Apart from this information, if you think you need to learn more about the Lufthansa Airlines reservations or business class facilities and services. You should contact the Lufthansa Airlines customer service team who works around the clock to give you customer support at any time. 


Website: http://www.anpuhelp.com/airlines/lufthansa-reservations

What is Emirates food policy?

Are you a foodie and travelling with Emirates (airline)? You must be expecting to know the food policies preferred by this airline. An emirate, the subsidiary of The Emirates Group, is the largest airline in the Middle East. It is depending on a fleet of 254 and connecting us to 180 destinations across 81 countries. An emirate is the fourth largest airline in the world concerning international passengers carried. Gulf Air, during the mid of the 1980s, began to minimize it services to Dubai. That initiated Dubai's royal family to introduce Emirates with an initial start-up capital of $10 million. Here we go with the general and baby food policies followed by Emirates Airlines reservation. You must be happy to know that the policies preferred by this air group are flexible and passenger-friendly.  

What are the general food policies followed by Emirates?

  1. Your carried items need to pass the security standards.
  2. You may carry fruits, vegetables, cakes, sandwiches, meat and all solid foods in your hand baggage.
  3. No liquids or jams or semi-liquid items can be carried in hand baggage.
  4. Foods with high liquid content (such as pastes, sauces, soups and stews) cannot be carried by any passenger.
  5. The security at the bag checking point will not allow you to carry such items.
  6. The size of your carried container should not exceed 100ml, no matter how much content is there inside the container. 

What are the food policies followed by Emirates for 2 to 12 years old?

  1. You will get a toddler kit which includes cream, wet wipes, bib, teething ring and tissue pack if you are flying with 2 to 12 years old
  2. You will be offered with a baby Querk to entertain the baby or babies you are carrying.
  3. You may buy baby food, formula, feeding bottles and diapers from a wide range of in-flight shopping options.
  4. Do bring your own baby supplies

What are the ways of availing Emirates helpline assistance? 

You may get in touch with the helpline professionals to know more about the food policy. Emirates helpline serves the passengers with Emirates reservation, whether it is domestic or international. As it is backed by a team of specially trained aviation professionals, this helpline is bestowing high-class services to millions of passengers. These professionals are known for their honest attitude, work dedication and high user-friendliness. They do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to the satisfaction on the passengers.


Visit here for more info: http://www.anpuhelp.com/airlines/emirates-reservation

What is British airways euro traveller class?

British Airways is an airline which offers both International and the Domestic tour packages to their valuable customers and believes in offering “MANY WIDE SERVICES AT ONE PLATFORM”. Traveling through British Airways is the only need of every customer because it offers many on board facilities which include mouth watering and delicious meals, drinks which include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, followed by quick and delicious desserts. Passengers can also get the benefit of free WIFI services and can watch TV shows and movies. British Airways Euro Class traveler comes with the new and advanced idea to serve more and take less by offering many and different facilities on board which includes:-

  1. Same Seat pitch throughout the Aircraft
  2. Euro Traveler passengers have the same space as a business class passenger and enjoy the same facility as well


British Airways not only offers the on flight benefits but also provides complete pleasure while booking of ticket, So you should quickly follow the steps mentioned below in order to book the flight through British Airways:-

  1. Switch into the website of British Airways
  2. Then select whether you want to go for One-way, Multi City or Round Way trip
  3. Then select the date of arrival and the departure
  4. Now mention the name of the place from where to where you are looking to travel
  5. Search for the flight now by adding the appropriate discounts and meals

British airways support team is the team of most dedicated and the qualified professionals who are readily available in order to resolve all your queries day and night by providing you step by step resolution of all your issues instantly. We have a team of most qualified and the 100% certified British airways customer service technicians who are readily available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, 365 days at your service and support in order to provide you every services related to the baggage allowances, cancellation of tickets, baggage allowances, refunds, re-booking, meals and other facilities offered on board, discounts and many more, we are here to give you more pleasure in just a fraction of seconds. 


What does Alaska airlines first class look like?

The Alaska Airlines is an American bearer headquartered in the Seattle metropolitan area of the domain of Washington. The association was set up in 1932 as McGee Airways, offering flights from Anchorage, Alaska. The Alaska Airlines has flights to more than one hundred objectives in the adjoining United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico. The fifth-greatest air ship in the United States, Alaska Airlines is a critical air transporter and, nearby its sister bearer Horizon Air, is a bit of the Alaska Air Group. The airplane has been situated by J. D. Power and Associates as having the most imperative purchaser devotion of the standard transporters for eleven consecutive years.

Seattle-based Alaska Airlines is attempting to make "Top of the line flights better" with different redesigns over the coming months. The progressions are planned to affect all phases of the client venture lifecycle, including pre-flight exercises, for example, feast orders taken ahead of time, the distance to in-flight WiFi.

Here are a few features of Alaska airlines first class?

Here are a few things that you must know about Alaska airlines first class before you make a reservation with Alaska airlines reservations -

  • The Alaska Airlines First Class and Virgin America First Class items are unfathomably unique in their pre-merger states, from both a hard-and-delicate viewpoint.
  • Virgin America, for one, offers chair style First Class situates on its Airbus air ship, orchestrated in two lines as a 2×2 setup, while Alaska offers a more noteworthy number of seats, yet with a littler pitch, in its First Class lodge.
  • From a delicate item point of view, Alaska frequently does not offer a decision for its First Class travelers, while Virgin America does.
  • Indeed, even update strategies are diverse between the two bearers: Virgin does not offer complimentary overhauls for its world class clients, though Alaska does.
  • For Alaska Airlines reservations number you can simply go to their official website and book your tickets.
  • Select the book tab and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You can also call up the Alaska airlines reservations numberwhere a customer care executive can book your flight for you.

Steps to block pop-up blocker in Chrome

Google Chrome web browser provides the highest speed for internet surfing, downloading, uploading, and online activities. The leading web browser around the world 'Chrome' also has a user-friendly interface that enables the user to access its features more conveniently. The browser additionally gives you the option to maintain the settings as per your convenience so that browsing would not be a hassle for any user. Even it offers the option to block the pop-ups that appear on the screen while browsing on Chrome and you can also block the pop-up blocker if you want to see the pop-ups. Besides, if you are unable to access it’s any feature and having trouble then you can contact the Google customer service team to get a solution to your query.


How to block pop up blocker in chrome?

  • First and foremost, you need to open your Google Chrome web browser.
  • Then you need to click on the Chrome menu on the top right corner in the browser toolbar.
  • After that, you need to go to the Settings Option.
  • Further, you should choose the Advanced Settings by scrolling down and you will get the option.
  • In Advanced Settings, you need to go to the Privacy section and click on the Content Settings option.
  • In addition, you will see a Pop-Ups option over there and you need to choose the 'Allow all sites to show Pop-Ups' option.
  • Moreover, you can customize permissions for the specific websites by clicking on the Manage Exceptions.


Get a complete Google support for your Chrome issues

As you complete the pop-up blocker steps, you will no longer see the issue of how to block pop-up blocker in Chrome. Moreover, in case, you find any trouble in implementing the above steps or you face inconvenience with the pop-up blocker. Then you should dial the Google Support number to get a support from the Google support team. 

How to Fix Norton Error 3048 3?

Everyone uses an antivirus service to protect their system and its data. Norton antivirus is also one of the anti-virus providing services. This is the software that protects the user’s computer from spam and malware.


If you have installed Norton antivirus in your system to protect your data and now you encounter many issues in its service. Error 3048 3 is one of the common error that this antivirus service faces. This can be due to corrupt download or incomplete installation of any kind of update and many other reasons. This article will enlighten on how to resolve this issue by following the steps below.  

  1. Click on Norton to start it.
  2. From the main window, snap “Security” and then go to “Live Update”.
  3. When the update gets finished click on “Ok” when the window pop up.
  4. Run on Norton’s live update until you happen to see the message “Your Norton product has the latest protection updates”.
  5. When all the updates are completed then you can now restart your computer.


Check if the error code is still displaying or not. In case your problem is still not solved then you can follow the steps below.

  1. Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool and remember to save the file on the desktop. As in some computers settings, the downloaded file is displayed in the download folder.
  2. Now open the downloads folder in the browser and press “Ctrl+J” keys.
  3. Double-click the icon that is displayed in the name as NRnR.
  4. Now license agreement is displayed in front of you. Click to “Agree” on the agreement only after reading it.
  5. Click on “Remove and Restart” button.
  6. Now a window will be displayed to confirm your choice. Click on “Continue” or “Remove”.
  7. Now click on “Restart Now” and wait for the Norton to respond to your command.
  8. Once the computer is restarted then follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen to reinstall Norton.

Check if the error code is displaying or not. In case you still have the problem then you can contact Norton customer service. This customer service is available 24/7 and one can contact them on Norton customer service number.


Don’t know how to book the multi-city flights on Virgin Atlantic? Here is everything:

Virgin Atlantic is one of the most popular Airlines offering the best opportunity to book a flight ticket online. It helps passengers for the check-in process online before booking a flight ticket and provides confirmed flight ticket without any kind of the hurdle. At the present time, it is widely searched by the passengers who almost want to book a flight ticket with Virgin Atlantic. In this article, we are going to discuss the booking process for the multi-city.


What is exactly booking multi-city flight?

Have you ever guess that what is exactly multi-city, what does it mean? Don’t know this then let me make the point to discuss a multi-city flight to book with VA. It is actually an advanced Airline ticket which allows you to travel across the world using a number of stops on the way called a multi-city. So if you are interested to book a multi-city flight ticket, you can move to the official website of booking where you can have a better chance to book a flight ticket online.


Have a look at the steps on how to Book multi-city flight on Virgin Atlantic:

Nevertheless, if you experience any error and want some guidance, you can make a call at Virgin Atlantic phone number helps you to access customer agent who will guide you the best procedure to complete the task of booking online as pointed down.

  • First of all, go to the page of official VA Airlines and click on login button if you have an account.
  • Click on the booking button and select the round-trip option to complete the further task.
  • Enter the correct date and time into both departure and arrival detail and move to the next
  • Go to the search bar button and select a flight associated with AV and check out the price.
  • Enter the information of the passengers who wish to fly a multi-city flight and select the advanced booking button.
  • Click on advanced facilities button and select WiFi, Portable T.V, Extra leg rooms, seat reservation, and much more.
  • Enter the correct information for the internet bank detail and select the amount to pay online.
  • Having booked a flight ticket, save your ticket on your device at the end of the task.

For more help and information related to the VA flight service, visit Virgin Atlantic customer service center which is available at every single of time to provide essential new related to the flight ticket online.  

Obtain detailed information to know about what does Lufthansa Premium economy look like and it’s travelling benefits

Travel to distant destination with Lufthansa Airlines:

Lufthansa Airlines is one of the most popular and well known airlines in the world that help passengers all over the world to travel to their desired destination with ease and convenience. The airlines provide a number of services and facilities to its passengers that help the passengers to make the entire travel comfortable for the passengers.


Avail the alluring benefits of travelling with Lufthansa Airlines Premium Economy:

There are a number of benefits of travelling with Lufthansa Airlines. Some of the unique facilities of travelling with Lufthansa Airlines are listed below. There are a plenty of comforts that are provided to the passengers. The passengers may contact Lufthansa Customer Service for knowing more about the issues that the user faces.


More Personal Space provided to the passengers:

There are more spacious and comfortable seats provided in Lufthansa Premium Economy which help the passengers to reach their destination with ease and comfort. The airlines provide extra 50 per cent more space all together on all the sides.


More baggage facility provided to the users:

The passengers may check in the two bags. Every bag may weigh up to 23 kg of charge which is twice as the amount that can be carried in Economy class.


More entertainment provided to the passengers:

The users may experience and enjoy the alluring facility of extensive in-flight entertainment on an 11- or 12-inch screen which is fixed in the seat present in front of the passengers.


More delight experienced by the passengers in having their meals:

The passengers may enjoy the meal provided along with the welcome drinks served to the passengers travelling with Lufthansa Airlines. Moreover a separate bottle of water is placed at every seat of the passenger which provides extra refreshment to the passengers.

These are some of the services offered by Lufthansa Airlines Premium Economy. These services make the entire travel easy and comfortable for the passengers.


How to contact the executives of Lufthansa Airlines for fixing the issues faced by the passengers?

For fixing the issues, the users may dial Lufthansa Customer Service Number in order to know how to contact the technical experts for fixing the issues quickly. These services provided to the passengers make Lufthansa Airlines one of the most popular airlines in the world.

Get ready to get the most warming experience of your life through emirates airlines

Emirates Airlines which is a Dubai based Airlines offers you most low and sensible rates to there travelers all over the world. It offers 140 goals in more than 70 nations crosswise over six mainland’s in Dubai to their Priceless Customers. Emirates Airlines Different Class Customers appreciates diverse enhancements like First Class Customer can utilize full suite with shutting ways to guarantee security, small scale bar and a capacity with 23 inch LCD Screen, situate which changes over into completely level bed, shower-prepared latrines and spa take after with relax, On the Other hand Business Class Customer incorporate back rub work, protection segment, and Economy Class incorporate ten seats for every line ,In-Flight-Entertainment and in-situate PC electrical plugs on more up to date flying machine and workstation energizing offices. In Emirates, every class passengers get some more alluring benefits which says that in business class, passengers may get different perks and benefits which includes you get a single pillow and a basic blanket, wherein in first class you will get all the amenities like get a proper turndown service with two pillows, a great mattress pad, and a comfortable duvet which makes your journey more enchanting. On the off chance that you confront any issue while influencing booking through Emirates Airlines than connect with emirates customer service team who give all of you conceivable strides for settling your issues by giving you benefits 24 hours every day and 7 days seven days with no commitments and aggravation.

1. Firstly select the most needed goal where you are arranging a visit

2. than tap on the dates for entry and takeoff

3. After wards select the quantity of traveler

4. Than go for the Economic or either the business class as per your decision

5. At Last tap on seek catch and benefit most recent and extraordinary rebates on your flights

Their Emirates customer service number group showed all of you the conceivable ways and most recent news on movement bargains, lodging reservation, inn rental autos, Vacation Package, about journey and others best livens and advantages by the carriers , corporate booking which is just a single tick far from you. Our Technical Team dependably endeavor to give you both Quality and Quantity in a stipulated time span and displays you most elegant, durable and very much grounded benefits as we esteem our client and his needs.

What is Delta airlines business class?

Delta airline is one of the major airlines of United States of America. It is one of the oldest airlines of the America. Delta airline was founded on 30th may 1994.Because of the some political reasons and other administrative reasons it starts it operation from June 1929. Delta airlines have one the largest fleet among all other airlines in the United States.  With the fleet size of more than 850 crew, it is one of the largest airlines of the world. It travels to more than 325 destinations across the worlds and across the country. It offers exciting offers for both the economy and business class tickets to the famous destinations of the world. The food served on boar the delta airlines are of best quality. They ensure that their customer do not have any bad experience with them.


Business class ticket of the delta airlines are of highly standard quality. The foot space is large enough for the customer to have a nice experience with delta airlines. The advantage of traveling in the business class of delta airlines are a follow:-


  • More foot space hence more comfortable.
  • More comfortable seats
  • The food served is of very higher quality and are highly hygienic.
  • Various arrangements are made to recreate the customers.
  • Magazines are also provided to the customers.
  • Television and free Wi-Fi Services are also given to business class customers.
  • People traveling on a business class ticket in delta airline experiences t he best services.


Delta airline always believe in providing the best services to its customer on board and off board. To provide a good off board service delta airlines have delta airlines customer service. Delta airlines customer service is a team of the experienced personnel who are expert in the technical and other issues related to the booking, cancellation, present status etc of the delta airlines. They always feel privileged to aid the customer in solving their problem related to the booking of the business class ticket with the delta airlines. To contact delta airline customer service customer have to dial Delta airlines customer service number which is always available to aid the customers.

Acquire simple tips to reset the password of your PayPal account using email address

When you need to purchase some beautiful clothes and toys for your little one, you can simply click on the PayPal. It is an app that easily installs on your device to perform the task of the transaction but for that you have creates an account using correct email address and password. It is the best resources that will help you to pay the amount to your buyers and other clients who generally send you the money from a bank account. But since ATM generated and transactions started online there are a variety of options to pay the amount online like Pay-Tm, PayPal, internet and phone banking, etc.

How to reset PayPal password when you forget it?

If you have not installed so far PayPal account app on your device, you need to install it instantly using your Google play store. In addition to this, if you want to open your account on PayPal, you can easily access to its website where you have to click only sign up button and enter the full detail you want to enter into the correct field with ease. This kind of the process is called creating a PayPal account. Meanwhile after creating your account if you forgot the password or email address then what would be your best trick to fix this kind of the problem, at this you can follow the steps provided by techies instantly.

Following are the ways leading you to reset PayPal password simply:

  • First of all, go to the app on your device if you have installed.
  • Try to enter the correct email address and password to sign in.
  • If failed to access click on forgot password button and enter an Alternate email address.
  • Click on verify button and a code will be sent to your email account you have mentioned.
  • Go to the email account to check out the code to enter into the correct field.
  • Later on, PayPal password reset code will be showing on the next page that will allow entering the new password.
  • Enter the new password into both new and confirm password field at the end of the task.

Contact us for additional help:

Now you can test the password of your PayPal account while signing your account smoothly using correct email address and password. But if you still face an error regarding PayPal password reset and you don’t know what to do, you should feel free to contact its skilled tech support representative to get the issue fixed in a jiffy.     

How do I reconfigure a Gmail Email Account that does not receive mails?

Gmail is one of the free calling of making the administrations which is significantly enchanted and favored the client all around the world. It can without much of a stretch be open on Android, iOS, MacOS and other window devices which can be used at whatever point and wherever and best known for its administrations of giving email administrations, joint and sending and tolerating of email administrations . It offers a bit of the motivating and the out-standing features which consolidates Filter, covered picture for filtering, using diverse record by yielding access, video , advanced looks for and various more which has changed the lifestyle of the custonmer at the immense level. Gmail is an administrations which can be used for both little and enormous scale business remembering the true objective to accomplish business in brief period. At any point if you are not receiving any mail from Gmail then there might be some reasons which are mentioned below:-

1. Improper IMAP and POPUP settings

2. Zero Network connectivity

3. Password Issues

4. Inbox gets full

You can follow the quick steps mentioned below if not receiving mails on your Gmail:-

1. You need to open your Gmail Id firstly by entering your email id and the password

2. Then click on the icon at the right side of the corner

3. Then on the settings click on the 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP' tab

4. And then enable POP for all mail' option

5. By doing so you will start receiving mails on your account

By checking the strategies said above you can easily get rid with the issues of gmail not receiving emails however rather still found any issues than never miss an opportunity to get related with the most qualified and they gave iPhone customer advantage number social occasion who are a get-together of submitted individuals settle all your Email Password particular issues by taking a remote access of your contraption, or either through talk, phone or email so you never feel disappointed in view of a specific glitches. Technical store up ceaselessly open 24 hours reliably and 7 days seven days at your association with a specific extreme target to offer you most time tested, flawless, trust commendable, lively and strong associations in a stipulated time divide just by a tick.

Don’t know how much does it cost to change a flight with Qatar airways? Read it on:

Qatar Airways is one of the most popular travel agencies across the world. It is being offered by the passengers in terms of booking flight at each time along with the maximum facilities and services especially. It is flag carrier of Qatar that has several flights hub and headquarters to manage flight service every time. This is also wondering that when you booked your flight ticket online, you have extraordinary opportunities to manage your flight ticket yourself with the help of internet service and it also offers a discount during booking or changing flight ticket online.

Let’s learn on how much it costs to change a flight with Qatar Airways:

If you are planning to change your flight with Qatar Airlines, where you can change and cancel flight online. After booking, you can select cancellation and change button that will help you to show you the right ways to understand the cost to change a flight ticket online. If you still unable to find out the ways to change a flight on the fewer prices then you can visit Qatar Airways customer service center where you can get the complete tips and suggestion to the get the issue fixed at the correct right time. You should check out the amount is affordable or not.

If you find out the affordable amount then you can pay to change flight normally. Take a look how does it cost to change a flight with Qatar.

  • First of all, go to the official website of Qatar Airways and select the booking tab.
  • Press on the log in button and enter the correct email address and password to access.
  • Select change a flight ticket and enter the correct flight name and number to confirm the flight service.
  • Now select the flight and select the destination and select the amount to pay online.
  • You have to pay the amount according to the destination and class and flight services that will help you to change a flight ticket online.

For further information related to the flight and its cost, make a call at Qatar Airways customer service number which is available at around the clock to offer top class travel service around the world by dexterous travel representatives instantly.  

How do I fix Google Voice not working on Tablet?

Google Voice or Google Voice Search is a perfect feature given by the Google that let users search for anything on the internet with the help of voice in the place of text typing. Users can access Google Voice search on all sorts of devices including the phone and tablet. However, users also confront numerous problems while using the Google Voice feature and Google Voice search not working is count as top among those issues.

Why Google Voice not working on a tablet?

Has Google Voice stopped working on your tablet? Then there are multiple reasons that stop Google Voice to work. And before taking any help, it’s very important to know about those issues. Here is a list of some most common issues behind the Google Voice not working problem:


  • Incorrect language.
  • Microphone is disabled.
  • Incompatible devices
  • Google Voice is not enabled.
  • Browsers issues

How to fix Google Search not working issues?

There are lots of ways to fix the Google Voice search not working problem. If you are unaware from all, then follow the below-listed methods:

Check Language Settings

  • Go to the Settings of your tablet that you are using for Google Voice search.
  • Tap on Language & input under the Personal section.
  • Tap on Keyboard and the choose Virtual Keyboards.
  • After that, tap on Gboard and then choose the Voice typing.
  • Tap on Offline speech recognition.

Turn on OK Google

  • Open the Google app on your tablet and then click on menu icon available at top-left side.
  • Tap on Settings and then choose the Voice.
  • Now choose Voice Match under the Voice menu.
  • Now turn on Say OK Google any time.

Clear the caches and data

  • Go to the settings of your tablet and then click on the Apps.
  • Choose Google from the list of installed apps
  • Now tap on Storage and then choose Clear Cache.
  • Now tap on Manage Space.
  • After that, choose Clear All Data tab to complete the process.

So, now you can without much of stretch access Google Voice on your tablet after applying the above-mentioned steps or otherwise take Google Support to fix this problem.

Don’t know how to check in Frontier Airlines? Here is everything to know:

Frontier Airlines is considerably most popular in terms of booking and cancellation flight ticket online. It offers a great leniency in check in policy as well and provides amazing facilities to manage flight ticket online. And thus when you chose to manage flight ticket after booking a flight ticket, you can select flight check-in, in which you can select bag and baggage policy, last minute flight booking, flight schedule and so on.

Go for the check-in process:

You are required to go for the time to stay with the check-in and for that, you have to keep some important things in the mind like how to check bags, and how to select the seat to reserve in the flight generally. You can carry on the bag according to the baggage policy that allows carrying some extra baggage with your and for that, you have to pay some of the extra amounts especially. Haphazardly, if you find out any error while performing the task you can make a call at Frontier Airlines customer service which is on at around the clock to provide simple suggestions to go for the check-in process with ease.

Here are the ways on how to check-in Frontier Airlines simply:

  • At first, you are required to go t official website of FA and select log in button if you have an account.
  • Now you have to enter the correct user name and password to access and then select check-in button.
  • Enter the name and number of the flight ticket and select the baggage policy as per the class.
  • If you have booked an economy or first class ticket you can immediately select the policy and follow the same accordingly.
  • However, if you feel like to book any other flight with the advanced check-in baggage service to maintain the facilities with ease,
  • You can select other things like seat and food policy in the United Air flight with ease.

Contact us for further help anytime:

To deem about the check-n policy for the baggage with the United you can dial Frontier Airlines customer service number to access travel representative within a short span of the time easily.